Low Investment Business Ideas in India for Young Age Entrepreneurs


What is Small Business

Gone are the days when people only pursue education to get high-paid jobs. There are so many entrepreneurs’ minds who always wanted to run their campaigns. They can’t start a business on a large scale due to a low budget. Here a small investment business comes into the picture. A small business is a type of business that can be started with a low investment. Thanks to digital marketing which has made it simpler for the entrepreneurs to run a business without requiring large man-workforce. Right from pitching clients to marketing, we can do everything via the internet. And for that, we don’t require a large man-workforce.

As per the recent reports from NASSCOM, Startups in India have witnessed 108% growth in funding in 2018.

Best Profitable Business in India

Are you looking for low investment business ideas in India with low investment and high profits? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you about the small investment businesses that can bring huge financial stability in your life.

Before starting any business, it is essential to read their pros and cons and their market value. Like there are so many low investment business ideas that are not getting the attention of the audience. Like traditional marketing companies, nowadays, people prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing. So, it is essential to analyze the market value of the business before starting it.

Before diving into the best low investment business ideas in India, read the online business ideas that we have mentioned below-

Travel Planner

From the past few decades, the travel agency has been booming in the market. The desire for wanderlust is increasing the leads of the travel agency. People love to explore new places in India. So, if you can offer them affordable travel plans and great traveling services, you can easily take your business to the next level.

Online Coaching Centre

This is possibly one of the low investment business ideas in India. You don’t require any work labor, tools, and techniques to run this business. All you need is advanced teaching skills and one classroom. Whether you are good at maths, English, or science, and you have a passion for teaching students, then without thinking much just start this low investment business. You can create your online course, add effective learning material and sell it on various online course platforms like Coursera and Udemy. The only effort you need to put in this business is to advertise your tuition services on various social media platforms, or you can create your website as well.


If you know a sense of writing and marketing, you can start your blog and impress your audience with your thoughts. Blogging can definitely be a profitable business idea and eventually you can make it your full-time profession. There are lots of ideas to make money by blogging like Seling Books or Ebooks, Affiliate Marketing, Speaking Gigs, Consulting and yes Adsense is also one of the major players. Before starting a blog you need to work on trending niche according to your personal interest and skills. Food, Travel, Education and Fashion or Lifestyle can be a good fit for everyone. If you are from Finance background Investment or Personal Finance Blog could be the best pick for you.

Low Investment Business Ideas in India

Low Investment Business Ideas in India

Now we are going to tell you the best low investment business ideas that can bring financial stability in your life-

Kindergarten or Babysitting

Parents who go for work require someone who takes care of their children. If you live in a society, you can even open a kindergarten in your own space. It is one of the most influential business ideas with low investment and high-profit returns. To run this business, you just need to take care of their kids.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is one of the most popular low investment business ideas in India. Many companies outsource graphic designers for designing logos, crafting t-shirts, advertisement boards, and so forth. Knowledge of good graphics, creativity and a sense of good colors are all required to start this business.

Wedding Consultant

One of the most popular low investment business ideas that require only management and networking skills is a wedding consultant. In India, wedding events are taken so seriously; people spend a huge amount of money on their weddings. Along with that, they need a team of consultants who will manage everything hassle-free. By creating a responsive and engaging website, and by doing online marketing, you can get your potential clients. In this small investment business, all you need is just to manage their resources, keep an eye on guest requirements, attentive to bride and groom prerequisites, and make available things on time.

Mobile Repairing Shop

When it comes to business ideas with low investment and high-profit returns, mobile repairing shops come in the people’s minds. Because you don’t need to spend money on the infrastructure, with the best tools and techniques, you can run this business.

Fruit Juice Kiosk

Who doesn’t want to drink fresh fruits in the sun scorching days? Well, everyone. It’s not a small investment business idea, but if you offer quality based services to your customers, you will get a huge appreciation from the market. In addition, your market reputation and growth will definitely get increased in no less time. You need to invest money in juicers, fruits and hire two or three laborers and rent a shop. You can also get a small business loan if you don’t want to invest your personal savings. To run any low investment business ideas in India, you need to do effective marketing. You can take the help of Google My Listing platform here you can share your juice shop address, phone number, opening and closing time, and also reviews. People who search for juice shops near your area, they will get your shop name. And if they find your reviews are good, they will come to your juice shop. You can add an online delivery juice service as well to enhance your network.


Whether you live in an urban or rural city, the scope of the boutique will never get out of the area. People love to wear customized clothes that perfectly match their requirements. If you are looking for business ideas with low investment and high profits, then you can choose a boutique business. We assure you that if you can cater to the demands of self-designs, you can take your business to the next level.


Doing professional photography is one of the best low investment business ideas in India. It runs on the camera and photography skills. If you have a great camera and a sense of photography, you can start this business. You can create your photography portfolio online to get the attention of the people.

Streetside Bookstall

There are so many book lovers in India who love to purchase books from the street because of affordability. Bring the best collection of new and old books, design your side street stall, and attract buyers by offering them at the best rates. It is the best low investment business ideas in India because it doesn’t require work-force, skills, and techniques.

Dance/Music School

To start this business, you only need space on rent. Even you start to dance and music classes in your home as well. It is one of the most influential small investment businesses. To get the attention of the targeted audience, you can create your website and also list your business at Google My listing platform.

Tiffin Service

Investing in the food business is always profitable. Nowadays, people who come from other cities are struggling to find healthy and tasty food. This is where you could come in. Get the attention of the immigrants by serving high-quality based food. The only big investment you have to make is hiring a delivery boy.

Food Truck

India is known for a variety of cuisines. Just pick the cuisine in which you are great and open the food truck to serve it. If people love your food, they will definitely come back to you every day or every weekend. As for the initial cost, you need to purchase a food truck and a driver who can drive your truck in the hotspots area. You can easily run food-related low investment business ideas in India.

Bakery Shop

This era is for foodie lovers. If you know some of the bakers and are looking for the best small investment businesses idea, you can choose this one. Only fresh bakery ingredients and labor are required to run this business.

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on business ideas with low investment and high profit helps you a lot. If you have a passion for running a business and know the market tactics, choose the business that you can easily run. We assure you that a self-made entrepreneur is always better than the one who paddles someone’s boat.

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