Online Businesses that can be a Profitable Investment Ideas


Cryptocurrencies are highly decentralized digital currencies that allow people to buy and sell various products and services with anonymity. They have become wildly popular in the last couple of years. The reason why some of the world’s population adores trading with cryptocurrencies is that they use an alternative payment method which excludes all the added fees. Logically, banks around the world are lobbying against them since they cannot make any profit out of it.

Bitcoin is the most popular and the most valuable cryptocurrency today. There was a time in late 2017 where one Bitcoin had a value of nearly $20,000. That price has normalized since then and the current value is around $8,800. Throughout the years we saw many individuals and small businesses investing tons of money into the blockchain industry in hopes that they will make huge profits. In the beginning, people considered these businesses to move as foolish, but ever since global companies decided to step in, the number of investors is constantly rising.

We wanted to take a moment and mention 3 massive global industries that have great knowledge of the blockchain revolution and decided to invest money in the industry. Here are our most memorable picks.

Online investing is among the first global businesses that accepted the blockchain technology and started trading with cryptocurrencies. After all, their sites are fully optimized to accept all kinds of electronic payments, so it was just a matter of time before they introduced it. People from India were among the first to play casino games with cryptocurrencies. After the players used cryptocurrencies more frequently to play casinos in India, online casinos saw the full potential of the blockchain technology and used it.

Since the massive expansion in India, many online casinos that offer their services globally followed the example and started making gambling very simple for both them and the players. After all, it’s a win-win situation. Online casinos earn huge amounts of profit, while people have fast payouts and increased anonymity.


This may come as a surprise, but the Facebook corporation has a massive interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In fact, they went as far as creating a cryptocurrency called Libra. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg explained how the company is orientated towards satisfying its users and creating a stable currency that will exclude all the extra fees. 

Ali Baba

Ali Baba always invested time and money into the world’s new inventions that have the potential to revolutionize. That is why this e-commerce business is so successful and is considered one of the biggest giants in the world. After analyzing blockchain’s full potential, the company decided to integrate it into its system in 2019 and started implementing it shortly after that. 

As far as countries that are investing in this new technology, India is one of the global leaders. The people are very open to the idea of having an alternative payment method and system which is why many of them are open to the idea of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Recently, one of India’s homegrown blockchain protocols launched their testnet. Surprisingly, even African people are open to this type of payment, along with the USA and other countries from Asia.

There’s no doubt that this technology has the power and potential to change the way we look at currencies, payments, and payment methods. Many global leaders might not be too open to the idea, but it does represent a new way of living. Numerous experts say that this system can be fully sustainable if we decide to invest in it.


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