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What is personal finance?

Personal finance is nothing; it’s an understanding to create a perfect balance of savings and expenses. It allows individuals to live a life debt-free and can help when they face unexpected finance issues. If you ask us to describe personal finance it is one line then we will say “It’s an art to manage money”.

It has been observed that many millennials face difficulties in managing money. One of the most significant reasons behind this is the lack of personal finance knowledge. They don’t know how to plan their budget, even if they don’t feel like budgeting a monthly plan and living life carefree. Their assets are lower than their liabilities. They don’t feel worth investing in insurance plans, mutual funds, savings plans. All they are doing is just spending money on unnecessary things just to improve their standard of living. Though there is no bad in improving the standard of living, it is imperative to do as per the affordability. This blog is created for all those people who are seeking personal finance guidance to manage their money in a better way. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best personal finance blogs in India that give you a clear insight into budgeting and finance planning.

What are Personal Finance Blogs?

There are plenty of personal finance blogs in India, which are offering you great advice on managing money. The sole purpose of personal finance blogs is to provide the best resources on how to budget, save, invest, and manage money in the right way.

Right from informing you how to invest in the market to how to use credit cards wisely, these personal finance blogs have so much to share about money management.

Best Personal Finance Blogs in India

There are many personal finance blogs in India, but still, it’s hard to find where to turn for good content on finance. There is no doubt, personal finance blogs are a great source to construct your financial planning into shape. You need some good finance tips and recommendations for investment planning that you can easily find in the best finance blogs. So, we have sourced the internet to bring you what might consider being the best personal finance blogs in India. Some are old hand informative, others are newbie blogs, but every blog is worth of time. Keep in mind, we have listed the blogs with no particular order by rating and criteria.

  1. Jago Investor

    Manish Chauhan is an author of the Jago Investor, who has written all the personal finance blogs in layman language so that every non-finance reader can easily understand personal finance management. His articles and videos on personal finance are honest, based on facts, and have helped many readers to achieve personal financial goals. However, now his focus is on selling the services rather than sharing tips on personal finance. But, if you want valuable advice on personal finance, then Jago investor is the best personal finance blog in India.

    • Founder/Owner – Manish Chauhan
    • Started In Year – Nov 2007
    • Topics Covered –  Investment Tips, Money saving, financial education, etc.
    • Income Source – Consulting, Selling Finance Books, Online Courses
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  2. Safal Niveshak

    Vishal Khandelwal is an author of the Safal Niveshak, who has been giving worthy tremendous advice on the stock market through this blog. A newbie investor who is interested in investing in the stock market can read his blogs. Right from investing in intra-day trading to spending money in mutual funds, insurance, bitcoins, and forex, this blog will give you 360-degree advice on every aspect of the stock market. If you want to gain a high return of the investment in the stock market, then follow the Safal Niveshak blog.

    • Founder/Owner – Vishal Khandelwal
    • Started In Year – 2010
    • Topics Covered – Stock Analysis, investment, Finance, etc
    • Income Source – Finance and Investment Courses
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  3. BasuNivesh

    Basu Nivesh has designed his personal finance blog on his own name. This blog has gained huge attention from the audience in the last six years. The sole purpose of this blog is to share the best finance advice on the basic day to day personal finance problems of the readers. He also writes reviews on insurance products like Life Insurance Policy, and also gives ideas on how to invest in mutual funds wisely. If you are looking for a place that gives you knowledge on insurance, investment and taxes, then BasuNivesh is the best for you. All in all, you will feel disappointed after reading his blog.

    • Founder/Owner – Basavaraja Tognetti
    • Started In Year – 2011
    • Topics Covered – Investment, Personal Finance
    • Income Source – Adsense
    • Contact Source –
  4. ApnaPlan

    Amit Kumar is an author of the Apna Plan. He has written thousands of articles on investment, taxes, insurance, credit cards, and mutual funds to offer great knowledge of finance to all ages of readers. All the articles written by him are in a layman language, so 18 years old can also understand the basics of personal finance. You will get tons of articles on different finance topics and all written in a layman language. Whether you want to make more money by investing in the stock market or to manage a monthly personal finance budget, Apna plan is the place where you will get everything about finance.

    • Founder/Owner – Amit Kumar
    • Started In Year – 2011
    • Topics Covered – Investment, Tax Saving
    • Income Source – Adsense
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  5. WikiFinancepedia

    Tarika Vora is an author of the Wiki Finance Pedia. This blog shares knowledge on various finance segments like a business, personal finance, budget, taxes, investment, insurance, savings, and so forth. In addition, you can also take the online classes, courses, and quizzes on the various finance segments. You won’t believe that Wiki Finance Pedia has become one of the best personal finance blogs in India with a global rank of around 6 lakhs. So, whether you want to learn about wealth management or business planning, the WikiFinancepedia is an ideal place for you. Here you will get well-researched courses on the several finance segments.

    • Founder/Owner – Tarika Vora
    • Started In Year – 2015
    • Topics Covered – Personal Finance, Investment
    • Income Source – Adsense, Blog Ads
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  6. ReLakhs

    Sreekanth Reddy is an author of the ReLakhs. His articles talk about mutual funds, stock market, insurance, business planning, property, and banking. Almost every article is written in layman language so that every age reader can understand it. He plays with the words in such a way that it easily gets the attention of the audience. People who are new in the investment world should read ReLakhs. You can search for anything about finance, and you will get the best search result. We can say that it is one of the finest personal finance blogs in India.

    • Founder/Owner – Sreekanth
    • Started In Year – Jun 2014
    • Topics Covered – Personal Finance, Investing
    • Income Source – Financial Advice, Adsense
    • Contact Source –
  7. FinanceWikki

    Financewikki was started by Alok Kumar in 2018. When it comes to getting knowledge of all the finance segments, whether it is stock market, insurance, investment, budgets, taxes or Government schemes, Financewikki is an ideal point for every finance learner. The sole purpose of this blog is to give the best and authentic knowledge of the finance segments so that every reader should understand the importance of personal financing and savings. This blog helps investors to make a better decision on choosing insurance policies, mutual funds and other investment segments. He shares blogs regularly to keep his audience updated.

    • Founder/Owner – Alok Kumar
    • Started In Year – Dec 2018
    • Topics Covered – Finance, Investment and Insurance
    • Income Source – Adsense and Blog Ads
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  8. Paisabazaar Blog

    Paisarbazaar is one of the most leading finance companies which gives recommendations and services in all finance segments. Right from handing a portfolio of the users to offer the best insurance products and loans at low credit scores, this company has gained huge acceptance in the market. On it’s an official site you will see the blog section, which gives you a tremendous knowledge of investment, insurance, taxes, property, loans, and business. There are tons of blogs on every finance segment available at this site. Many new finance blogs sites also take reference from the Paisabazaar because the data is well-researched and based on the facts. There is no doubt that Paisabazaar blog is one of the best personal finance blogs in India.

    • Founder/Owner – Paisabazaar
    • Started In Year – Dec 2011
    • Topics Covered – Finance, Investment
    • Income Source – Financial Products
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  9. SubraMoney

    P V Subramanyam is the author of Subra Money. He has written tons of articles on personal finance for beginners. His blog is not for the readers who want to know how to invest and where to invest. Because here all the articles are talking about the behavior of people towards finance. Many articles of the Subramoney are written in a sarcastic way, which easily gets understood by the beginners. When you read his articles, your attitude towards finance gets changed. You will save more than spend, and if you follow his advice on personal finance, you will not face yourself in debt. There are millions of blogs written in personal finance, but the suggestions, advice you will get here stands out of the crowd. So, if you are excited to read his articles, then go ahead.

    • Founder/Owner – P V Subramanyam
    • Started In Year – Aug 2008
    • Topics Covered – Finance, Investment
    • Income Source – Finance & Investment Books
    • Contact Source –  [email protected]
  10. freefincal

    An author of freefincal is Pattu, who has excellent knowledge of every finance segment. He starts his finance blogger journey with a writing calculator, and now he has taken a great hold on every aspect of finance. Whether we talk about insurance, investment, taxes, property, and business, free finance gives you a great search. Readers love to read engaging and layman language-based personal finance blogs and Freefincal provides insightful content for both beginners and experienced finance readers. Newbie investors who want to understand every aspect of the investment from zero then simply click on the freefincal blog. Right from how to view the charts to use stop-loss triggers, here you will get everything related to the stock market investment.

    • Founder/Owner – Dr M. Pattabiraman
    • Started In Year – Nov 2019
    • Topics Covered – Finance, Investment
    • Income Source – Adsense & eBooks
    • Contact Source – [email protected]
  11. Chartered Club

    An author of Chartered Club is Mr. Karan Batra. Through this blog, he talks about taxation in a layman language. Generally, finance language is very tough to understand, and it’s taxation parts sometimes go out of the head. But Mr. Karan Batra has created all his blogs of taxations in very simple language so that every beginner can easily understand it. So, if you want to learn about taxation and you are not finance savvy, then Chartered Club is the best place for you. All the acts that are backed by the law and government are presented in a readable way. After reading the blog, you can also share your query in the comment section, and you will get the reply instantly.

    • Founder/Owner – Karan Batra
    • Started In Year – Aug 2009
    • Topics Covered – Investment & Tax Planning
    • Income Source – Tax Consultation
    • Contact Source –
  12. OneMint

    An author of OneMint is Brandon Baker When there were fewer personal finance blogs in India, the Onemint had been ruling the internet. In order to remain in the list of the best personal blogs in India Now, this author has updated his blogs and added all the latest personal finance strategies that can help you to achieve personal financial goals. The domain authority of this blog is very high because it has been serving guidance and knowledge on personal finance for many years. So, if you want to know how you can manage the personal finance monthly plan? Then simply click on the Onemint. Here you will get well-researched and engaging blogs on every finance segment.

    • Founder/Owner – Brandon Baker
    • Started In Year – 2009
    • Topics Covered – Finance, Investment
    • Income Source – Adsense
    • Contact Source –

How Personal Blogs Help You to Get Out of the Debt?

There are so many individuals in India whose credit score is poor due to debt, and their confidence in earning and managing money has lost. It is one of the most significant reasons why finance blogs in India are coming in front of the audience to help them in getting out of the debt and take them back to the right money management track. The resources they are providing to their audience is remarkable. They give them valuable solutions on how to get out of the debt quickly and easily. If you read finance blogs daily, you will know how to reduce expenses and how to save money to pay off the debt on time. It has been found people who have been following the best personal finance blogs in India for several years are now living their life debt-free and fully money manageable.

In Conclusion

The reason why we are encouraging you to learn personal finance to easily handle the unforeseen finance issues. Rather than building liabilities like purchasing expensive watches, phones, and cars when you already have, it is advisable to invest money on assets like insurance, mutual funds, government yojana, and so forth. In the event if you need money in an emergency, you can easily get the loan or cash against your assets.
Now we all have the opportunity to update oneself with the best personal finance knowledge that is available at the best personal finance blogs in India. So, take advantage of the resources and build the foundation of the assets from now. We assure you that if you follow the advice and recommendations of the authors, you will see a dramatic change in your financial life. You can choose Financewikki for learning about personal finance.

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