Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Companies in USA


Have you given it a thought to incorporate artificial intelligence into your business? Artificial Intelligence Companies has witnessed rapid growth in the past few years. Numerous startups and major AI initiatives by big names are the reasons why AI has shown a magical growth in the last few years. According to the New York Times, there are more than 45 Artificial Intelligence Companies all over the world that works on machine learning, regular AI projects, and deep learning. AI is evolving with the passage of time and it has spread out in different areas, taking numerous different forms. From automatic driving cars to Amazon’s Alexa via voice command to AI-powered server configurations to what not? There is a prediction that AI will change the entire way human think and visualize technology these days.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

Here we have come up with a list of top Artificial Intelligence Companies in USA that can help you out in numerous ways. In this age where there are numerous startups that have sprouted up here and there finding the right AI company can be daunting. Thus, this article might help you in your endeavor.

  1. Tempus

    Tempus is in the health tech field. It incorporates AI for gathering and analyzing the huge set of clinical and medical data at scale. The company with the help of AI provides medicine which can personalize treatments to each individual’s specific needs. It analyses genetic makeup and past medical history for treating and diagnosing a particular patient.

  2. DataRobot, Inc.

    Artificial Intelligence Company offers data scientist a platform so that they can build and deploy machine learning models. This software can help companies in solving challenges since it analyses and finds the best predictive model for their data.

  3. CognitiveScale, Inc.

    This company deals with constructing augmented intelligence for the healthcare industry, financial services, and insurance companies. It offers businesses a platform from where they can increase customer acquisition and engagement by improving the techniques of claims and billing.

  4. Aversanlabs

    Aversanlabs aims to materialize businesses’ IoT, AI ideas into reality that can attract users. This embedded hardware and software development house delivers end to end solutions to every business’s IoT needs. This company specializes in issues that are found in municipalities, industries, and homes.

  5. AlBrain

    This artificial intelligence company based in California specializes in building AI solutions for smartphones and robotic applications. They aim to develop AI with so much perfection that it can replace human skills of problem solving, memory and learning.

Some More Robotics Companies in USA

  1. Amazon

    The online e-commerce platform offers not only consumer-oriented AI products but also business-centered AI products and services. Who does not know about the Amazon cloud?

  2. Anki

    This company is committed to bringing forward consumer robotics into daily life. This company builds one of the most sophisticated consumer robots that have emotional responses.

  3. Banjo

    Banjo with the help of artificial intelligence collects data from social media and works on identifying real-time events and situations that are important for its partners.

  4. Google

    How can we not take the name of Google? One of the leaders of Artificial Intelligence Companies. It has embarked on its journey of revolutionizing the AI concept. It has already acquired 12 AI startups in the last four years. This brand is committed to furthering AI capabilities.

  5. H2O

    This company claims to be the world’s number one open-source deep learning platform. It is used by more than 100,000 data scientists all over the world.

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