Best Dental Insurance in India


Best Dental Insurance Plans in India

Mr. A recently suffered from toothache pain. He rushed to the dentist with the earliest appointment. But, his tooth already had become dugout. A dentist told him a surgery, which was expensive and would make a big hole in his pocket. The dental charges are a bomb and billed extra. That time, his new area of interest is buying dental insurance Plans which is technically designed to cover all the expenses regarding a general dental health problem. Since Mr. A has burnt his finger in dental expenses due to not buying dental insurance in India, now he would not like to take the risk of going through the same problem over again. He took up the best dental plans that give full coverage against dental expenses.

So, if you don’t like to burn your fingers in the dental expenses, then take a dental insurance plan for yourself and your loved ones.  Let’s take a detailed review of the Best Dental Insurance in India

  1. Bajaj Alliance Health Guard Policy

    Bajaj Alliance health guard policy offers you a comprehensive range of advantages related to health. This policy is designed to provide you financial coverage against medical care. Additionally, you can get protection against the expenses related to dental treatments.

  2. Apollo Munich Maxima Health

    This plan provides the best health care benefits against all ailments and treatments. It is one of the most preferred health care plans because it is designed to offer benefits of dental insurance in India and take care of dental treatments as well. However, this plan doesn’t offer you dental coverage if it is caused by accident.

  3. Bharti Axa Smart Health

    This plan is designed to cover the hospitalization cost of an insurer.  An individual who is 19 years above can avail the benefits of this plan. Unlike the above-mentioned plans, this plan offers dental insurance benefits due to an accident. On premium paid individuals can opt for tax benefits under section 80C.

  4. BSLI Saral Health Plan

    It is the whole life health insurance plan that gives coverage against hospitalization expenses, medical expenses, routine health expenses, surgical expenses, dental treatment expenses, and critical illness. When compared to other health insurance companies this company health insurance plan is worth to buy. This plan also offers the benefits of dental insurance in India.

  5. ICICI Prudential Health Saver

    ICICI Prudential health saver plan is trusted by millions. It secures your life and covers complete hospitalization and critical illness expenses. Dental treatments and dental surgeries are also covered in this plan.

  6. LIC Health Protection Plus

    It is a renowned long-term health protection plan that gives coverage skyrocketing hospitalization expenses such as surgery, medical expenses, diagnosis, critical illness, and dental treatment. After choosing this plan you can easily increase or decrease your premium as per your affordability. A minimum age to access this plan is 19 years.

  7. SBI Life Smart Insurance

    SBI has a stronghold in providing insurance plans to the people. It’s an SBI life smart insurance plan provides better protection against health expenses and makes medical treatment more manageable. This plan is designed to give coverage against critical illness, medical expense, hospitalization expenses, surgery, and it also has the advantages of Dental Insurance Plans in India. Keep in mind it only provides financial coverage in dental treatment as long as it is not caused by accident. Hence, its plan gives your strength and allow you to deal with the health-related expenses in a better way.

  8. Chola MS Travel Insurance

    This plan offers you travel health protection when you go on a trip. In any event, if you get injured during a trip you can avail the benefits of this plan and get financial coverage against hospitalization expenses. It is available in three types of plan that are gold, silver, and platinum. Additionally, dental expenses are also incurred while on a trip.

Why Purchase Dental Insurance in India?

People are less conscious and serious about dental insurance in India. But, they cannot predict their foreseen situations. So, in order to live a stress-free life and manage financial goal effortlessly. Buy health insurance that offers dental insurance coverage as well. Above mentioned health insurance plans are renowned and trusted by millions. So, choose any one of them as per your convenience, requirements, and affordability and protect yourself and your family with an authentic and reliable health insurance plan.

Benefits of Buying Dental Insurance in India

Dental plans are created to take care of the oral health of people. There are so many benefits of dental insurance plans, here we have listed some important points;

  • These insurance plans cover all oral health problems like critical illness or surgery.
  • Many insurance policies cover primitive care like regular medical check-ups and other dental requirements.
  • A few policies also offer dental costs and this can include treatment, in the event of a road accident.
  • Some insurance providers offer a free consultation to the patient.
  • You Can save your money at the time of expensive dental treatments.

Questions Related to Dental Insurance

  1. Is there any dental insurance in India?

    Most of the companies are not offering any dental insurance plans in India since it comes under the cosmetic treatment. But there are still some general insurance companies in India are offering dental plans within health insurance. For that, you are likely to pay more premium. If you are thinking to get the benefits of dental insurance in India then go for the Bharti Axa smart health insurance plan.

  2. Is dental treatment covered in medical Insurance?

    When it comes to dental insurance there are few insurance companies which are covering Dental treatments in accidental cases. Apart, from that, you have to pay from yourself for dental treatment. However, the good news is that by paying extra premium individual can get dental insurance in medical treatment.

  3. Is root canal covered by medical insurance?

    Usually, all medical insurance cover dental surgery if it is caused by the accident and otherwise you have to pay for root canal treatment. Dental insurance has not gained so much importance in India, people are likely to pay direct money to the dentist as compared to buying insurance.

  4. Which health insurance covers dental treatments?

    Dental treatment is common and frequent. Many people believe that they can cover under medical insurance, but the fact is that it is not. You have to buy dental insurance plans that are only designed for dental treatments. Bharti Axa smart health, LIC dental health, ICICI dental insurance are the great buy.

  5. What procedures are covered by dental insurance?

    The dental procedures are covered by dental insurance are listed below;

    • Exams for services that are covered by medical.
    • Dental injury because of an accident.
    • Facial pain treatment.
    • Biopsies.
    • Oral infection and cysts.
    • Clearance exam before chemotherapy.
    • Botox injection.
    • Tongue-tie for infants and children.
    • Wisdom teeth extraction.
    • TMJ appliances.
  6. Does Health Insurance Cover Tooth Extraction?

    Health insurance only may for a wisdom teeth extraction. Otherwise, insurance will not pay for any dental treatment. Almost all insurance companies may pay for dental treatment if it causes by an accident. If you want to cover dental treatment in the health insurance then ask your insurance company to customize your health insurance plan.

  7. How do I choose a dental insurance plan?

    Basically, in India people avoid when it comes to buying a dental insurance plan. While purchasing a dental insurance plan read the terms and condition of a company wisely. Bharti Axa Health insurance is one of the most renowned dental insurance in India.

Have you any question regarding dental insurance in India? Comment us below. We will reply to you with the utmost knowledge.

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