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Introduction to Pet Insurance

Did you know the name of the first pet in 1982 got pet insurance in India? Her name was Lassie; he got coverage against treatment costs and other vulnerabilities. Like human insurance, pet insurance works. You need to pay premiums monthly and get the coverage when you need it.

Getting pet insurance when your pet is young allows you to get the maximum benefits from it. Pets get sick just like humans. And the treatment costs of them are also expensive. To not spend hard-earned money on the treatment, it is good to get pet insurance, which covers all the treatment costs like pre and post hospitalization, surgery, and medical expenses.

The sole purpose of this insurance policy to cover veterinary expenses includes all types of treatment costs. It helps pet owners to live with their pets without worrying about the list of expenditure for medical treatment.

Pets are the one that inspires us to live in the moment; they jump, sling, and run effortlessly. Sometimes they get sick due to weather conditions and other vulnerabilities. At that point, if you have the pet insurance, you can opt for the best treatment for your pet without any worry of the treatment cost.

Features of pet insurance

Whether you are looking for dog health insurance or insurance for cats, the features and benefits of pets are the same. The following are the most common features and benefits of pet insurance in India.

  • Customized Plans: Every pet owner comes with unique requirements. To cater to the needs of the pet owners, most of the pet insurance companies in India offer customized plans. Right from the services to premiums, pet owners have the capability to customize it that perfectly suits their requirements and affordability.
  • Sum assured: Sum assured you would get in the dog health insurance range from Rs. 15000 to Rs.30000, or it depends on the breed category.
  • Add on the cover: If you love your dog like your son or daughter and need additional coverage so that you can fight against any risk, then you can opt for the add on cover feature. Many pet insurance companies in India offer add on cover features in your animal insurance.
  • Types of cover: The pet insurance in India is categorized into three pet insurance covers, names, lifetime cover, money-limit cover, and time-limited cover. If you avail of the request for the lifetime cover, you will get a certain amount towards the treatment of the pet.
  • Third-party insurance: Many pet insurance companies in India offer third-party insurance. In the event, if your pet breaks the property or attacks someone, the pet insurance company gives coverage against it.
  • Premiums: Animal insurance companies give you the flexibility to choose premiums that suit your affordability. The higher your expense is the better treatments you will get for your pet. Illnesses like tick paralysis, cruciate ligament surgery, cataract removal are covered under the high premium costs.

Pet Insurance Covers

Whether you opt for the dog insurance in India or insurance of cats, the pet insurance covers are the same for every animal. But, if you increase the premium rates, you will get the high coverage in your policy.

Following are the pet insurance covers you will get in the policy:

  1. Pet insurance in India offers coverage if the death of the pet is caused by accident.
  2. Whether we talk about dog insurance India or insurances for cats, you will get compensation if you lost your pet due to theft.
  3. Animal insurance policies also offer you coverage against incapacitation and accidents due to transit by rail and road.
  4. Pet insurance policies offer coverage against third party liability as well.


The sole purpose of a pet insurance policy is to reimburse you for certain medical expenses. But these insurance policies come with some exclusion that we have mentioned below-

  1. The dog health insurance or any animal insurance doesn’t give coverage against malicious illness.
  2. The pet insurance companies in India don’t offer coverage against the death of pets due to viral Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and distemper and rabies.
  3. Death of a pet due to natural calamities, war, foreign hostility, military upheaval, and revolution.
  4. Death or injury of the pet due to negligence or unskillful handling.

List of Companies Offering Pet Insurance

In India, pet owners are opting for insurance like dog health insurance or any other animal insurance due to coverage and benefits. They will get extensive coverage against the pet treatments anytime and anywhere. Pet insurance is the health care policy that saves your hard-earned money when your pet faces accidental injury, illness, and optional routine checkups. If we talk about Pet Insurance providers, there are Some general insurance companies which provide such type of health plans for pets.

Now we are going to tell you about the best pet insurance companies in India.

New India Assurance

New India Insurance companies It is one of the best pet insurance provider in India. It offers animal health insurance wherein the age of pet lies between 8 weeks to 8 years. To cater to the needs of the pet owners, this animal insurance company also offers customized pet insurance services. Right from add-on cover to premium rates, you can customize everything effortlessly. New India Assurance Company offers pet insurance for animals like sheep, pig, horse, dog, goat, camel, duck, rabbit, cat, and elephant.

United Insurance Company

Another leading dog insurance in India provider is the United Insurance company. Along with dogs this insurance company offers pet insurance in India for all exotic and indigenous breed of the animals at the affordable premium rates. One of the significant benefits you will get if you avail of the pet insurance policy from this company is that it offers coverage against permanent disability and death of the pet.
Oriental insurance: It is one of the leading pet insurance companies in India that offer impressive and affordable dogs health insurance plans and cats insurance plans. The age of the breed must lie between 8 weeks to 8 years. And the premium of the pet insurance policies starts from Rs 200 to Rs. 10,000 respectively.

Final Say:

Pets have shown a positive impact on us. They troll their tails, nudge, jump, sling, walk with us and, most importantly, understand our emotions. We must get the best pet insurance in India plan for our breed, which covers all its veterinary costs. By paying premiums every month, you can opt for the best treatment without thinking of medical expenses.

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