Two Wheeler Insurance – How to Purchase and Check Status Online


When it comes to buying a two-wheeler, there are a lot of things we must consider. Like its mileage, affordability, comfort, and of course looks. No matters, whatever the facet, if you buy a two-wheeler, you have to buy two wheeler insurance as well. In a nutshell, you can avoid life insurance, but you can’t avoid bike insurance because it is mandatory. But, before buying Bike insurance, you have to look at many things. To make this process easier, we have listed everything related to the two wheeler insurance.

Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

  • Two Wheeler insurance cover financial expenses against any unexpected situations such as accident, theft or natural disasters. Even small defects and minor changes also cover in this policy.
  • You are only eligible for Bike insurance if you are eligible to ride the bike.
  • Two Wheeler insurance policy comes with your bike for one year. After that, you can renew it.
  • You are free the insurance plans according to your needs.
  • If an individual maintains a clean ridding record, he will get better premium insurance.
  • The insurance amount always is low if you have a good credit record and low-risk riders with no history.
  • A Bike insurance plan is a one year plan. Hence, if there is no claim, the company pays nothing.

Purchase Two Wheeler Insurance

There is no doubt, the internet has made everything simpler and easier for finance. All insurance companies established themselves on the internet. Now, anyone can buy insurance through online platforms. Here we have listed, how you can avail a Bike insurance policy online.

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How to Purchase Bike Insurance Online?

  • First and foremost, head over to the company’s website from where you have to buy a two wheeler insurance policy.
  • Next, visit the insurance page and submit the information such as RTO location, first registration number, manufacturer name, and a model number.
  • Once you submitted the information, you will get the call from the insurance party and then they will guide you the further process.

Important Note: For a customer, it is important to know the insurance policy number in order to access the status of their insurance policy all the times.

How to Check Two Wheeler Insurance Status Online?

  • Enter your two-wheeler details – Model number or Vehicle number.
  • After that, the registration details of your two-wheeler like RTO location.
  • Finally, click on get status.

Claim Process of Bike Insurance

Now with the help of the internet, you can claim through the insurance sites where the insured is registered. Here, we have listed the procedure, so simply follow these steps and you will be soon on your way to being quicker claim settlement.

  • Fill the claim insurance form that you will get from your respective insurance website.
  • Once you registered the claim, in a less 24 hours you will get a call from a representative, he will explain to you the complete procedure and what documents you will have to submit. Important note- you know the opponent vehicle number which is involved in an accident, and one eyewitness name and contact number. These are the mandatory aspects that will use to furnish the claiming process.
  • After file an FIR, then take the vehicle to the recommended garage. After that insurance company will appoint a surveyor who will check the vehicle. And the surveyor makes the payment on the completion of the repair.

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