Is IQ Option Legal in India?


What is IQ option Trading?

IQ trading is also known as binary trading. It is the same as gambling and requires fewer skills. This type of trading is based on simple yes or no questions, whereas returns are also fixed or nothing at all. If you learn the art of playing binary trading, you can make a huge amount. There is no doubt, on a global level there is an exceptional growth in the binary trading. When it comes to India, now IQ option trading is taking place and making a position in the stock market. As it is new in India, many active Sock Market investors are still unaware of the legal status of IQ trading options in India and confused on is IQ option legal in India.

An IQ option trading is an exotic financial tool for the low-skilled traders. It is deceptively easy to understand and require less brainstorming skills. The fixed return is the highlight of this trading and is legal in the forex trading market. If a trader wager trading in the right direction he will receive definitely fixed returns within a stipulated time period. The price of IQ option trading is lies between 0$ to 100$ respectively.

How does IQ Option Trading work?

Learning IQ trading is very simple, you have to learn three concepts. With IQ option trading, the amount you pay is the maximum amount you will lose. Or you can earn profit from the small market moves.

  • First, pick the assets you want to trade.
  • Then you have to recognize the strike price that works for you.
  • At the moment of opening a trade, you have to choose an expiration day and time.

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Is IQ option legal in India?

The most important question about Binary Trading that many traders ask is, “Is IQ option legal in India?”. The Securities of Board Exchange of India doesn’t allow Indian investors to trade in binary options. This authority established in 1992 and received the power to regulate the Indian capital market. The SEBI has come across with some downside of binary trading and banned in India. Thus, the traders who wish to trade in binary trading, they must know the fact that making a trading relationship with the overseas brokers are not allowed in India as well as against the law. Furthermore, they cannot do IQ options trading through electronic platforms including websites or apps. Despite, this fact, many traders are doing binary trading regardless of their legal status.

Choosing an international broker is the solution to trade in IQ option in India, however, strict vigilance suggests you avoid this trading. Cyprus trading is an ideal example of IQ trading that is registered under cySec is an advisable option. If you are still concerned, you may consult a legal investment advisor about “Is IQ Option legal in India?” they can give you a piece of better advice.

How to trade on IQ Option in India?

The IQ option trading is accessible in the 150 countries worldwide. If traders want to trade in IQ option in India they need a nation level ID for guarding against money laundering, along with that they need to verify their account. They can use the PAN card to open an account. Below is the procedure of opening and IQ Option account with

  • After clicking on the website fill the registration form.
  • Once you complete your details, come at the profile to complete phone number verification.
  • Next, you have to send national ID at this email ID
  • After completion verification, you will be soon received verification an acknowledgment from the broker side. The waiting period for a verification email is 48 hours.
  • Now, you can deposit and withdraw funds from the trading account.

Depositing and withdrawals from IQ Option Account

When it comes to depositing funds in the international account, they have to follow some RBI guidelines. Traders are not allowed to execute international payments through debit cards. Rather debit cards they can use Neteller and Web Money. In the event of withdrawal, IQ options execute payments on time to the traders without any delay. To ensure traders, they provide withdraw receipts through an email.

Trading in IQ Options in India with Master Card

As IQ options in India is prohibited in India and against the law. But, still, there are traders who are doing IQ option trading through websites. Traders in India along with other countries such as Thailand and Srilanka can experience difficulties to deposit fund in the IQ options. These difficulties are occurring due to some changes in the rules. These option has come with alternative payment methods including Skrill, Neteller, Web Money, ADVcash and Astro pay card.

Final Say:

Before entering in any trading option, it is necessary to know about its risk ratio. When it comes to IQ option trading you can choose a reliable international broker who will never lose more than you pay. Besides, binary trading there are so many other investment options in India. Choose one of them and trade in the right manner. Keep in mind, while trading in binary never ignore the fact that IQ option is not legal India.

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