Best SIP Plan to Invest for Future Growth


Best SIP Plans in India

For safe and low investment risk, SIP plans are the best investment options. Individuals can diversify their portfolios and fulfill investment goals by investing a fixed amount, on a fixed date, and basically on a monthly or a quarterly, for a fixed period of time. To choose best SIP plans you should consider all the aspects related to an investment like risk score, maturity benefits, lock-in period.

SIP enables investors to regularly uplift their investment amount by fixed amount and enjoy the benefits of compounding. Additionally, SIP Plan gives you the flexibility to choose the amount, period and interval. Besides, you can uplift, lower down or stop the SIP anytime.

Best SIP Plans to Invest in India

  1. Mirae Asset India Equity Fund-Direct- Growth

    This is the Multicap scheme released on 1 January 2013.  The only objective of this plan to maximize long term capital appreciation by investing in the equity market. This mutual fund invests capital on the large and stable companies which are trustworthy, generate high cash flow and reputable. This plan offers you a 19.34% return and associated with moderately high risk.

  2. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund- Direct-Growth

    Mirae Asset Emerging Blue-chip Fund is a midcap fund which continuously has the first choice of investors since its launch. This plan launched on 1 January 2013 and it is one of the most preferable and profitable plans in today market. This is one of the Best SIP Plans in India for investors who are looking for a safe and low-risk investment plan. As per the report, from the past three years, it has been offering returns 24.4% respectively. The feature that makes this fund renowned is that has been holding five-start holding since its launch.

  3. HDFC Small Cap Fund – Direct- Growth

    HDFC small-cap fund is one of the most popular and perfect choices for investing in small cap. Category. Though this fund is risky in nature, as it is offering 23.14% returns so it can diversify your investment portfolio. This is the best SIP Plans for the investor who wants to generate long term capital growth and invest majorly in growth stocks. This fund only invests in small companies, these companies generate high returns but can be risky at the same time.

  4. L&T Emerging Business Fund – Direct Growth

    L&T emerging business was launched on 12 May 2014 and this fund basically invests in equities of small companies. The risk meter of this fund is relatively higher than mid-cap funds. Due to the good management this fund always a preferable choice of investors. In small cap category, it is one of the most qualitative and best SIP Plans that’s why its expense ration 2.43% and it is also entered in 4- star rating. Since its inception, this fund had delivered returns 25.85% respectively.

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Benefits of SIP Plan

One of the Important benefits of investing in SIP Plan is that it helps to build the inculcate of savings and investment at the same time. There are many other benefits of investing money in SIP like you can invest a small or big amount as per your affordability, avail the advantage of liquidity, you can reduce your investment risk and diversify your funds and save taxes.

If you have some financial goals and eagerly seeking for the right option to fulfill it then SIP is for you. It does not only help you in achieving financial objectives but also allows you to enjoy the power of compounding. So, if you are ready to invest in SIP and seeking for the best plan, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed the best SIP plans to invest from where you can earn super profitable returns.

Things to Remember while Investing in SIP Plan

If you are planning to invest money in the best mutual fund that generates good returns with low-risk appetite then SIP fund is the best option for you. But, you have to consider some basic definition before starting to invest in SIP.

  • Always do background research and take advice from experts in financial matters.
  • Always check your risk appetite before choosing SIP plan.
  • Always take NAV as a deciding factor.
  • Since SIP investment plan starts from Rs. 500 and goes up to Rs. 50,000, it is crucial to decide how much you can invest and then choose the plan.

Once you decided your plan, scheme, investment amount, now it is important to review your SIP from time to time to make a secure investment.

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