Top 5 Best ULIP Plans in India


Best Ulip Plans

United Linked Insurance plan gives life covers insurance that protects your family and along with that it offers you opportunities to invest in stocks, share or bonds. The return generated by the investment products states the value of the policy. Thus, ULIP plans provide dual benefits of Life Insurance and growth on Investment. We can also say that ULIP plans are the type of protection + savings. One of the best things about this financial service is that individuals can manage the protection and saving parts. As per your choices you can make your policy a Best Ulip Plans in India according to your need. It also offers the flexibility to switch your amount between funds as per your risk appetite. On the top-notch, you will get the benefit up to 1.5 lakh on your insurance premium, which comes under section 80C.

List of Top Ulip Plans

    1. UTI ULIP Plans

      This is one of the be the Best Ulip Plans in India for those investors who are thinking for long-term investment. One of the important thing you have keep in mind that, you need to evaluate the life Insurance decision.

      Key Features

      1. Expenses on a lower side
      2. Accidental cover up to 50,000. And the amount of personal accident insurance cover on the basis of the nature of the accident
      3. An investor can redeem money any time, subject to exit load
      4. A simple declaration of health, no health checkup
      5. Life insurance covers to the extent of the target amount
      6. The easy claim settlement process
    2. SBI ULIP Plan

      The state bank of India offers numerous Plans that enable individuals to take the benefits of insurance with investment. This is the best Ulip Plans for investors who want to invest in government-linked policies. SBI offers seven types of investment plans including equity fund, top 300 funds, equity optimizer fund, growth fund, balanced fund, bond fund, and money market fund. Hence, this trusted offers you great investment opportunities with life coverage.

      Key Features

      1. The locking period for this plan is 5 years
      2. This plan offers you two free switches per year
      3. Individuals don’t have to pay administration charges for the first five years
      4. With the help of guaranteed addition, you can further increase the value of funds
      5. Income tax benefits on premium paid under section 80C
    3. LIC ULIP Plans

      LIC offers a wide range of Best ULIP Plans that come with the feature of investment with Life Cover. All the plans provided by the LIC depends upon the individual’s risk-taking ability and the financial goals. This financial firm gives facility to the individuals to invest any one of the four options that are listed below.

      1. Bond Fund
      2. Secured Fund
      3. Growth Fund
      4. Balanced Fund

      Key Features

      1. LIC Unit Linked Insurance Plan gives you the opportunity to invest in four options and this plan includes wealth creation along with life cover
      2. You can get a tax benefit up to 1.5 lakh
      3. An option to move from equity to debt
      4. There are potential of getting high returns from the investment
      5. An option to add money to your existing account
    4. HDFC ULIP Plan

      HDFC offers a wide range of Best ULIP Plans in India under different types of investments such as child plan, pension plan, saving plans and investment plans. By investing in these plans, individuals can take advantage of insurance along with investment.

      Key Features

      1. Enjoy free switch
      2. Income Tax benefits are available in all plans
      3. Partial withdraw is available each year
      4. Individuals can choose one option from 4 fund options
      5. The additional benefits are included in the event of death
    5. Bajaj Allianz ULIP Plan

      The Bajaj Allianz ULIPs ensure an advantage of both file coverage and investment. The individuals can choose ULIPs plans as per their risk-taking capability and requirements. Below we have mentioned ULIPs plans offered by Bajaj Allianz.

      1. Future Gain
      2. Fortune Gain
      3. Principle Gain
      4. Retire Gain

      Key Features

      1. Unlimited switching is available in all plans
      2. Partial withdrawals can be availed after 5 years
      3. In the event of the death of the policyholder during the tenure plan, the sum assured will be paid to the nominee
      4. The income tax benefit is available on the premium paid under section 80C
      5. Easy access to your money
      6. Bajaj Allianz offers faster claim service, in case if the insurer is delayed beyond 30 days, the company charges 11% interest

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