What is eMudhra?- Esign, Digital Certificate


What is eMudhra?


eMudhra Limited is a certified authority responsible for issuing digital signature certificates in India since 2008 under the information Technology Act. eMudhra provides numerous solutions to the customers and has a profound user base that includes individuals, banks, corporates, government organizations, and many small and medium enterprises. Along with the Digital certificate solutions, eMudhra put on the table many additional services such as Tax Filing Services, Digital Signing Solutions, a Digital certificate authentication system, and a trusted time-stamping solution.

eMudhra possesses a license by the controller of certifying authorities under the government of India and operates according to the guidelines set by the Information technology act of India. eMudhra has successfully served more than one million users and proudly catering all kinds of subscribers who need Digital certificates for Income tac, MCA (ROC), Tenders, Foreign trade, railways, banking, etc.

What is eMudhra, E-sign, Digital Signatures and Digital Signature Certificates?


A digital signature is basically an electronic signature that proves authenticity of the sender of the message or document and ensures that the content sent is original and unchanged. Whether the message is encrypted or not, the digital signatures are functional everywhere and ensure the receiver about the sender’s identity and confirm that the document is intact.

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is an electronic certificates, like a driving license, passport, etc. This Certificate is utilized to prove the individual identity for a particular purpose; for example, an Aadhar card claims a person as an Indian Citizen. Similarly, Digital Signature Certificate can be used to prove your identity, access information or services online, or sign documents digitally.

Digital signature certificates are also highly desirable for eFiling of the Income Tax Return, e Tending on Government websites such as Railways catering and tourism, Director General of foreign trade, Ministry of foreign affairs, and Registrar of companies Applications.

What is eMudhra Relying Party?


eMudhra certificated are used and relied on in every online or offline application. The organizations which use such applications are known as relying parties. The application can be on a web server, offline application, or even a third-party application such as Adobe PDF Reader, etc. All these applications make CRL/ OCSP checks while validating the trust chain, expiry Date, and Certificate Subject details.

The Relying parties have to follow the terms and conditions of the eMudhra certification practice statement. All relying parties should register with eMUdhra by submitting the details of the organization and the contact number of the administrative and technical personnel. Relying parties can send registration and technical queries to [email protected].

What is eMudhra Certification and Trust Services role?


eMudhra certification and trust offer many services such as:

  • Changing the process of consumer services by providing unique services or carrying on the existing services with a material difference.
  • Enable the customer to manage their financial and statutory obligations and requirements using a technology-based process and change the ways of transactions.
  • Empower consumers with secure technology to help them achieve financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions – What is eMudhra


Q1. How can we purchase the digital signature certificate?

Ans. Only the controller of certifying Acuthorirteis (CCA), Govt. of India. Licenses Certifying Authorities such as eMudhra issue the legal Digital Signature Certificates through various options for individual and organizational needs.

Q2. How much time does it take for the processing of the application?

Ans. The application process takes up to 5 business days from the date of application.

Q3. How to apply for a Digital signature certificate at eMudhra?

Ans. The process of Digital signature certificate application is easy eMudhra and can be done directly at the website https://www.e-Mudhra.com.


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