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About Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance Company Limited is a trusted name in the insurance sector since 1947. Since its establishment in Bombay in the early years, it has led to the advent of various insurance plans and policies that can meet the needs of people in every sphere of life. Considering the growing needs of rural and urban India, the company has started various insurance cover. Oriental Insurance has been well-informed to meet the needs of people involved in projects like semen plant, petrochemical, steel, and chemical plants.

Oriental Insurance is one of the best general insurance companies in India. The advanced technology, hard and smart work take this insurance company out of the crowd. Oriental Insurance Company offers a wide range of non Life insurance plans like Health, Vehicle and Travel Insurance. Policy Renewal process of this company is also very convenient, affordable and can be done easily.

Why Choose Oriental Insurance Company?

Apart from being one of the oldest companies in the market, it offers various insurance plans to cover almost all areas of society and gives significant benefits and results. Here are some reasons Oriental Insurance makes an ideal choice. Oriental Insurance Company has good training and a highly motivated workforce. Considering the changing demand of the market, professionals/experts will formulate plans for proper research. He has an advanced, well-equipped, high-quality, proficient and skilled team to offer the best customer service and support.

The company works with the intention of providing the best services by recruiting highly skilled and dedicated employees. Company vision ‘Being the most reputed non-life insurer in the markets we are running.’ He puts in his efforts to follow his vision and achieve complete welfare. Oriental Insurance facilitates various products and services, including health insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, and shopkeeping insurance.

Insurance offered by Oriental Insurance Company

As mentioned before, Oriental Insurance has huge plans tailored to the needs of different people. This company offers its services and products for people like various brackets such as middle income, low income, and high-income groups. Numerous policies offered, such as health, travel, home, cars, bikes, trade, and agriculture etc.

  • Oriental Health Insurance

    Oriental Health Insurance Plans ensure that your family and you are protected against any unpaid medical emergencies. It gives you the best health cover to protect you from financial burdens in the unexpected medical circumstances outside your control. The main objective of Oriental Health Insurance is to reduce the burden on the insurer’s higher medical expenses/expenditure. Considering all the costs of medical care, considering the types of health plans selected by the relevant person. Any citizen of India, including senior citizens, men, women, children, and their families can get health insurance services for best health care and assistance. You can choose a health insurance policy according to your needs and needs because it offers a customized plan to satisfy the needs of the customer. The premiums rates will vary according to the total sum assured.

    Some of the key features of Oriental Health Insurance include free government tax, lifetime renewal of medical policies, quick claim settlement, easy portability (quick transfer of health insurance policy from one company to another) and occasional health check-up expenses. The health insurance policy includes expenses related to pre and post-hospital expenses, emergency ambulance expenses and hospital rooms, drugs, etc.

    Benefits of Oriental Health Insurance

    This health insurance covers all hospital expenses. From the pay to visit the doctors to prescription drugs and preventive care, it helps and manages the high cost of health care. There are a variety of health insurance plans, you can choose according to your convenience and budget. Keep in mind, coverage of health insurance is completely depends on your health insurance plan.

  • Oriental Motor Insurance

    Oriental Insurance Company provides several motor insurance policies, covering different vehicles such as cars, scooters, bikes and any two-wheeler vehicles. It is a special formulation policy that protects the vehicle and its owner from various damages and losses to the vehicle. Oriental Insurance provides Zero Depreciation Car Insurance, third party and comprehensive coverage facilities. Someone can choose different features to protect their rides and adjust their contents and add-ons as needed. Thus premiums differ based on the insured.

    Accidents have helped in the fast-growing life of vehicle insurance and theft has become compromised. Oriental Motor Insurance Protects your ride / drive anywhere from freezing and any unwanted hazards to your vehicle. The Oriental car & Bike insurance Policy is designed by Oriental Insurance in such a way that they provide lots of benefits to the survivor. When an accident results in death, covered damage caused by an opponent, bills of repair vehicle, and an additional discount when you renew the policy before the deadline.

  • Oriental Travel insurance

    Oriental Travel Insurance policies are specially designated to take international journeys for leisure, educational or business purposes. They provide coverage for any kind of unprecedented and unfortunate circumstances while traveling abroad. Anywhere and anytime bad situations can happen, so you should prepare to face any unfortunate event that can ultimately disrupt your tour and cause great financial damage. Oriental Travel Insurance plans include trip disturbances, flight delays, flight schedules, medical requirements, in case of compulsions, inequality and other serious problems related to your foreign travel. During international travel, it gives a wide cover for your family and for you. It lets you quietly enjoy your travels.

    Oriental travel insurance provides a wide range of benefits for travelers. From the financial recovery for the medical expenses to losses that result from trip cancellation or interruption.  And provides round the clock assistance to clear your doubts.

Oriental Insurance Best Policy

Each of us faces various difficulties at different times. We have different demands as per the requirement, some love everything in the same plan, while some seek separate policies for different issues. Keeping in mind the various markets, Oriental Insurance Company has set up several policies to meet the different demands. Oriental Insurance Company offers a number of effective plans to suits your needs. Following is the quick guide that gives you an idea about the company’s plans.

Here is a list of some of its popular policies.

  • Individual Medical Health Insurance

    Individual Oriental Mediclaim Policy covers a specific individual for any medical expenses incurred at the time of hospitalization. Under this particular policy, the person receives coverage for various side effects and illnesses such as accidental injury, surgeries, or any unexpected medical conditions. The policy can be used by anyone through the company’s official website.

    This plans offered by the Oriental insurance company covering all medical expenses in the range of  Rs. 50,000 to 5 Lakh for an individual between age 3 months to 80 years.

  • Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy

    It is a health benefit plan that the insured person is admitted to the hospital. Insurance group Mediclaim policy by Oriental will not be available for a group of fewer than 50 people, organization, association and business / corporate body.

  • Personal Accident Policy

    The Oriental Insurance Company has come up with one of its kind insurance policies called Janata Personal Accident Policy. This specific policy gives insurance cover to all citizens of the country irrespective of gender, age group, gender, and business/work. However, it can only be found by people aged 10 years and over 80 years old. Premiums are minimal and thus cheaper by the people of all income groups.

    The personal accident policy is meant for covering incidences like death, disability due to an accident within 12 months from the time of the accident. This policy provides coverage to any person in the age group 10 to 70 years for death, permanent and partial disablement. The coverage in the rage of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5 Lakh.

  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy

    This is the international travel insurance policy designed for individuals who especially travel overseas with their family and alone. There is a special plan to protect you and your family from any risks while traveling internationally. It provides peace and relaxation during your stay and you can enjoy your travel without much stress. You can buy an online policy through the company’s official website.

  • Nagrik Suraksha Policy

    This policy is basically designed to provide insurance to every individual. It offers compensation for only two types of conditions, namely permanent and temporary disability (at least disability more than 40%).

  • Happy Family Silver or Golden Plan

    These two family floater plans offer coverage to the entire family to 1 lac to 5 lac (silver plan) and 2 lac to 10 lac (Golden plan). And a maximum of two members covered in both plans. Oriental Mediclaim offers a unique design Happy Family Floater policy that protects the whole family, that is, the number of registered members within the sole assured amount. It provides an over-all medical / health cover that protects all family members from any medical emergency. Oriental Insurance Company offers this special health plan to three different features, namely silver, gold, and diamond scheme. You can get a Happy Family Floater Policy online from the company’s official website.

  • Oriental Happy Cash Policy

    When a person hospitalized, he will be offered daily insurance benefits by the Insurer. It helps to cope with the financial costs that were given at the time of hospitalization, which can create panic and stress. This policy is suitable for security for non-medical expenses.

  • Oriental Homer’s Policy

    This specific policy gives extensive coverage to your home (a housing society) and everything else and anything worth the place inside. It provides protection against numerous risks such as losses due to fire, personal accidents, etc.

  • Civil security policy

    Civil protection policy provides personal/personal accident cover by Oriental Insurance, Fixed Total and Partial Disablement, Death etc. It provides hospital / medical expenses payments according to the company’s terms and conditions.

  • Oriental Car Insurance

    Oriental is one of the best Car Insurance companies in India, who provide Coverage for your car and protect it from theft and accidents or any other unexpected damages. It provides both the third parties and broad runs.

  • Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance

    Oriental Bike Insurance Policy is designed especially for the protection of a bike/scooter rider against any third party liability and property damage. It also protects for any personal damages. A person can get special features through add-ons and specialize them according to your needs and needs.

Oriental Insurance Renewal

With the help of the internet, you can renew your policy without visiting a branch office. However, it is advisable to renew the policy online because they visit the office physically, the innovation is simple and easy with the online fast guide and can easily sit comfortably at home according to the comparison of any best residence/home needs. Remember, it is very important to buy before buying your time before renewing your policy, so give importance to it. Here are some key steps if you want to renew any of your Oriental Insurance policies. Also, remember to follow the terms and procedures mentioned on the Oriental Insurance Company’s website. For the online renewal of any Oriental Insurance Policy, follow these simple steps.

Following are the steps to be followed for the renewal.

  • Head over to the Oriental Insurance Company website and sign up (for a new account) or sign in (current account). Enter the required details.
  • Click on the renewal option and enter the details
  • In addition, to ensure your Oriental Insurance Policy immediately, enter your personal policy number carefully.
  • For the next step, you will need to pay online. However, to avoid further issues, it is recommended to check your policy number twice before making a payment.
  • Initiate payment through net banking, credit and rebate card
  • After you make an online payment, the process will be completed successfully. You’ll get a soft copy of the renewed policy on the registered email address.

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Oriental Insurance Claim Settlement Procedure

The primary reason for buying insurance is to get financial help in times of distress. As a result, the insurer pays the insurer with the hope that when it arises, it will be safe and financially harmed. Oriental Insurance Company has a past record of a fair settlement, making it more reliable and reliable. It provides a quick, easy and clear settlement process to all its customers.

Oriental Insurance Provides All-Day Customer Support, Support, and Service for settlement issues and guidance. You can get quick help online from the Oriental Insurance Company’s official website. The process of claim is simple, easy and fast, you only have to waste a few minutes to successfully complete your work. However, it is important to know that the settlement process for various Oriental Insurance policies is different from the company’s policies. For example, the settlement process for Oriental Home Insurance will be different from the Oriental Travel Insurance. If you want to register a claim with the Oriental Insurance Company, you will have to take some simple steps to consider that the different policy claims are the same for settlement of claims.

How to  Login to File Oriental Insurance Claim?

To file a claim with the company, it is necessary on your behalf to inform the insurer that you are covered for the unfortunate situation to arise. You will have to consider the fixed time limit specified in your policy. You can call and file your claim in a hurry. Once Oriental Insurance registers your claim, you need your part to carry out all the official reports, certificates and papers as soon as possible to meet the company’s terms and requirements for financial assistance.

As soon as the claim approval process is complete, your claim will expire in time limit determined by Oriental Insurance Company Limited. Buying a proper insurance policy to save you from unfortunate events requires time to live a happy, satisfying life. Remember not to knock your door before problems come; As you must be ready to defeat them well. Buy an insurance claim from a trusted company, give confidence about any future unfortunate.

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