8 Reasons Why You Need a Tax Accountant


Tax payment is one of the issues that stress business owners and managers the most. However, it does not have to be that hard. About a third of the companies in Australia evade paying taxes with legal reasons.

This could be your business. Not because your business is not doing well enough to register net profits, but because you have a competent tax accountant to help you manage your taxes.

Who Is a Tax Accountant?

A tax account is not entirely different from a typical accountant. The main difference is that a tax accountant specializes in dealing with tax matters for a business, whereas a general accountant deals with everything involved in accounting. A tax accountant takes part in tax preparation, filing, and consulting.

Many CEOs do not understand how working with an accountant can help to grow business, especially for start-ups. However, having an expert handle your accounts, in this case, a tax accountant can save you a lot of time and money. Here are eight reasons why you should consider hiring a tax accountant.

Why we need Tax Accountant

  1. It Saves You Time

    Dealing with taxes is time-consuming. For a manager, you have a lot of other managerial issues to get concerned with. This makes subjects like handling taxes the last on your to-do-list because you want to handle other urgent matters first.  Having a tax accountant saves you the time you would have otherwise used for filing the tax yourself.

    A firm dedicated to handling taxes such as The Kalculators accountants have the needed tools to manage small and large business taxes. This makes them fast and efficient.

  2. It Saves You Money

    Being late in filing taxes automatically welcomes unwanted penalties. It might be that the thought of filing taxes crossed your mind, but you were so busy handling something else that you forgot to get your taxes in check. Sadly, tax officers will not listen to any excuse when collecting penalties.

    With a tax accountant, you will not have to worry about penalties as someone got you covered. Tax penalties can, in the long run, be more expensive than hiring a tax accountant.

  3. Don’t Pay Taxes You Can Avoid

    A tax accountant knows where to evade tax and where corporate tax reductions apply. By just understanding the kind of business you run, they can already tell some of the loopholes you have to evade taxes legally. They also understand which company practices help to reduce unnecessary taxes.
    Most companies that do not hire tax accountants end up paying for taxes they would have otherwise avoided. Getting your business one will not only save you money but also help you reduce your tax expenses.

  4. Free Consultations

    How about paying for two services at the same time? When you get a tax accountant, you not only hire them to look into your books of accounts and calculate the amount of tax you need to pay, you also get to enjoy secondary services such as free consultations.

    A tax accountant will advise you on how to manage your assets and liabilities to run your company better. This will mean better cash flow and better tax management as well. In the end, you kill two birds with one stone.

  5. Be at Per with Tax Laws

    Tax laws keep changing, and sometimes, as a manager, you may not have the time or the opportunity to keep educating yourself on the changes. A tax accountant carries tax knowledge for you. You are advised to have some experience in the same, but leave the critical matters to the expert.

    Tax laws have overview headlines, but underneath that, they have other build-ups that make them look complicated. It’s part of a tax accountant’s job to be on the know. Once you hire them, it is your right to penalize them if you go at a loss for their lack of knowledge.

  6. Avoid Unseen Mistakes

    Nothing done in a hurry is ever done entirely accurately. As you rush to get your books of accounts together in the last minute, you are prone to make mistakes. Such mistakes might end up being expensive to your business. A tax accountant will help you avoid such errors. Tax accountants pay attention to details, making sure that everything is clear and right. They proofread their work to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be, all entries are verifiable, and no account is recorded twice.

  7. You Don’t Have to Deal with the Entire Process

    Handling taxes takes a lot of time, especially if you have not been doing your bookkeeping for a while. You have to prepare all the books of accounts, countercheck every entry, make sure the double-entry principle is followed and all records are backed up with receipts or bank invoices.

    This can take you hours if not days. Having a tax accountant will take the weight off your shoulders. You are already working hard to get the money into the bank. Allow someone else to handle the tax process, so you don’t have to stress over the lengthy process.

  8. Let the Expert Handle It

    You might have a background in accounting or have attended a business school where accounting is one of the modules you were taught. However, that does not mean you should still do all the work. Getting a tax accountant means you let the expert handle what they are good at so that you can focus on other matters where you too are an expert.

    In the end, you want a company that is running efficiently and not one that is barely getting things done. Tax accounting requires a lot of commitment and expertise, and you don’t have to do it all.


Every manager or CEO wants what’s best for their company. Having a tax accountant is one resource you will be glad you utilized. There may be a lot of accounting software out there to help you do it yourself, but that does not mean you do not need an expert on your team.


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