How to Get the Most for Your Unwanted Gold?


Selling surplus gold to old gold buyers can be a fast way of earning some additional cash for gold, however, getting the finest deals isn’t easy. There are many specialist cash for gold companies to select from, however, they may not provide you the finest prices. Selling surplus gold to the high street old gold buyers or using an online website like eBay might take extra time, however, it’s possible that you’ll get more money. So, consider these tips if you don’t know how to sell gold for cash or get the finest deals if you want to sell gold in Delhi.

Best Tips to Monetize your Gold

  1. Think About the Best Time of Selling Gold

Different rules of demand and supply indicate that in case more people wish to make investments in the commodity, the prices will increase. Normally, the gold used to be in demand if the economy looks solid, as it’s rated as a safe bet than all other types of investments like shares and stocks. So, it’s a worthy option considering the position of the economy while selling gold. In case, you see harder times coming, it could be an increase in the gold prices. However, with easy investments, it’s difficult to precisely predict the future falls or rises in the gold value.

  1. Don’t Trust Blindly on Cash for Gold Companies

Using services of professional cash for gold companies might look convenient, however, research has shown that you won’t get the maximum out from your valuable metal. However, there are companies like 24Karat where you can get the best prices for your gold. It has seen that the prices offered by cash for gold companies are poor compared to pawnbrokers,high-street jewelers, as well as online gold purchasing services. You can compare prices from different sources before selling the surplus gold.

  1. Get Maximum Value for Your Gold

The hallmarks, as well as the weight of your jewellery, can help you calculate how much amount your gold might be worth depending on the present gold prices. You may also get valuations from high-street jewelers to provide you a good idea about what is the worth of your y gold. If you send your gold to cash for gold company always make the valuation first. In case, you consider it’s a low rate deal, you may ask for a superior price or ask the return of gold.

  1. Bargain Before Selling your Gold

Don’t get afraid to bargain if you believe you’re not offered enough price for your gold. Confirm the number of jewelers available in your area. In case, there are some competing to get business, you can get more price through the negotiation of the best prices for the unwanted gold, particularly if you’re depositing ample jewellery. Collect quotes from multiple jewelers and then use them against each other!

  1. Sell Your Gold Online

If you are living in the area that has very few jewelers, or unable to get any good deals for surplus gold on the higher street, then you can try to sell your gold online on websites like eBay. Because you’re hypothetically selling an exclusive item, this will help in building positive feedback from other website users so the buyers will feel that you are reliable.

  1. Consider the Value of the Entire Jewellery and Not Only Gold

Normally, the gold buyers are interested only in the gold value rather than the precious stones used in them or the assessment of workmanship. Cash for gold companies might remove stones from the gold jewellery and remove them in case you send earrings, rings, or necklaces sets having precious gems – stopping you from getting cash of their value. Likewise, branded or high-fashion jewellery might be worth more in the case kept whole rather than selling it on to do melting. Different items like medals, keepsakes, and old coins might be worth much more than received from any cash for gold dealer, or even from the non-specialist high-street jewellers. If you are uncertain about any items that you own are having more values than only the gold, are antiques or could be of the interest of collectors, then make them properly evaluated and valued before you sell them.

  1. Compare the Reputation of Different Cash for Gold Companies

If you want to use the services of cash for gold company, do research about their reputation online. It might help you to flag up companies you would perhaps avoid. Type names of particular cash for gold companies in the search engines and search for comments or reviews about the services. Ensure to ignore the paid adverts. Blogs and forums are good places where you can get in-depth reviews.

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