Best PNB Metlife Insurance Plans


PNB Metlife is one of the leading insurance companies that earned a massive profit for the past five years. It has been providing various flexible and affordable insurance plans since its launch. The company was incorporated in 2001 and catered 100 million customers across 10,000 offices. PNB Metlife is a strong collaboration between PNB and Metlife companies. The main focus of this insurance company to provide a wide of range of PNB Metlife insurance plans for protection and retirement.

Top PNB Metlife Insurance Plans

  • PNB Metlife Term Plan

    PNB Metlife Term plans is a protection plan that gives you financial coverage to your family when you not with them. It is one of the best PNB MetLife insurance plans available at economical rates. Additionally, it offers you the flexibility to choose the premium payment option as per your convenience. This plan is exclusively available on the internet. All in all, it is a complete safeguard that helps negate unforeseen liabilities and future inflation. The sum assured starting from Rs. 10 lakh and cover term up to 75 years.

  • PNB Metlife Saving Plan

    If you have financial goals and opt for the best insurance saving plan than PNB Metlife saving plan is a true buy. This plan has the potential to collect wealth and helps you in achieving financial goals to secure the future. The minimum entry age of this plan is 20 years and the maximum entry age is 60 years respectively. With nominal premium, you can run long term savings. This plan doesn’t only helps you to secure family’s future, but also offers you guaranteed benefits on the maturity period.

  • PNB Metlife Health Insurance Plan

    PNB Metlife health insurance plan is trusted by millions. This plan gives financial coverage against health, critical illnesses, hospital check-up cost, and medical expenses. At any stage of renewal, no medical check-up will be taken by the company. The standard health premium starts from Rs. 1,749 for a sum assured Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 3,390 for a sum assured Rs. 2 lakh. Under this plan, individuals can also avail for the tax benefits. Under this health, insured individuals can choose a family floater plan where up to 4 family members will be covered in a single policy.

  • PNB Metlife Insurance Wealth Plans

    This is one of the easiest and simplest plans for the individuals who are seeking for the safe and low-risk investment plan. The company collects funds from the policyholders and invest in mutual funds, which is carefully managed by the mutual fund manager. Individuals can create wealth and diversify their portfolio by investing in Mutual fund and along with a life insurance plan. Hence, this plan offers you great opportunities to the advantage of the market and satisfy your risk level. Avail the tax benefits as per the income tax act 1961.

  • PNB Metlife Child Plan

    By investing in this plan you can plan your child’s future in advance. This plan is specially designed for children to take care of them in ever-changing circumstances. Right from the education expenses to marriage, you can set the financial goals for your children. After the complication of the maturity period, the company will give sum assured with some loyalty benefits. On the death of policyholder before the maturity period, the nominee gets 105% of the total premium paid amount.

  • PNB Metlife Online Payment

    PNB Metlife offers its clients hassle-free payment gateway. With the help of these options, the policyholders can pay the premium without visiting at the office and get the instant receipt for the same. For that, all you need is to do visit the official website of PNB Metlife and click on the payment option, enter your policy number and submit the premium effortlessly.

Benefits of PNB Metlife Insurance Plans

  • Guaranteed Income Benefit
    On your premium term payment, the Insurance plans of PNB Metlife offer you regular income ranging 11bes% to 13% of basic sum assured.
  • Survival Benefits
    In case, if a policyholder survives till the time of maturity period he/she will get 30% to 55% of basic sum assured on maturity.
  • Death Benefits
    If an insured individual dies before the completion of maturity period then his/her nominee will get 105% of premium on the death date.

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