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Finance Blog Contributor AccountThanks for visiting FinanceWikki. We highly appreciate your interest in contributing your post and writing for us. We always look to hire new writers for joining our contributor team. We welcome guest posts from those bloggers or writers who want to share their views or any kind of news on Finance, Investment or Business Ideas.

About FinanceWikki

FinanceWikki is one of the engaging Business, Personal finance & investment blogs in India. We have been a financial adviser and one of the best personal Finance blogs in India since 2018. we are providing a platform for writers and bloggers to share the personal experience and knowledge with the diverse community of the people.

Individuals who have an interest in finance and are looking for a platform that gives them a clear insight into the finance world then Financewikki is the place. The finance write ups here encourage readers to analyze their personal income, expenditure, and savings in a rightful manner. Here we are not limited to personal finance write for us only, you will also learn about money savings tips, tax, investment, and mutual funds.

The work published at our site is appreciated by our viewers. When they read our blogs on investment and finance they will learn about how to write finance in a simple manner so everyone will understand it. All our writers who have created blogs on finance are experts in communicating their ideas and have depth knowledge on finance.

Most of our articles are curated by us. However, we also allow Finance and Investment guest posts by independent writers depending on the quality and their relevancy towards financial stuff like personal finance advice, investment ideas, money saving tips, insurance, tax planning, etc.

You would get the satisfaction of helping people with the articles or blogs with regards to investment.

Want to write for us?

Finance wikki is inviting you to write engaging, well researched and quality based finance articles. If you are passionate about writing on finance segments like loans, investments, insurance, banking, Government Yojana then finance guest post write for us. We give an tremendous opportunity to all writers who know the core principles of finance and are ready to serve our audience. The more knowledge you spread the better writer you will become. Finance wikki respect every writer who is willing to provide knowledge about finance through his write-ups.

Financewikki is one of the best personal finance blog in India. So, when you write for us your credibility also gets increased. We started a finance guest post write for us campaign to introduce new writers who are willing to share their innovative thoughts and ideas on the finance segments. If you have a potential to write content on finance then without thinking much take the advantage of writing for us modules and get in touch with the potential audience that usually come at our blog to get the best knowledge on finance.

If you are willing to write for us the share your samples or drafts at our official email. As soon as we get your samples or drafts, we will review it and get back to you with the acknowledgment. Though quality and authenticity are the core requirements of finance wiki. But we can consider you if you have an ability to offer layman language-based finance content which are totally unique and grammatically free. Based on your samples we come back to you with the fair feedback. And keep in mind we never allow writers to submit third publications write ups. Your content must be unique and written by you.

How to Become our Contributors

If you are interested to become finance guest blogger or write for us. Here’s you all need to know about our guest posts guidelines. 

Becoming a contributor to Finance Wiki is a straightforward process. All you need is to just share your content with us on finance via email ID. Once we get your content we will review it and come back to you with feedback. If we like your content we will publish it on our site and that’s how you will become our contributor. Before sharing content with us, just keep some points in your mind that no grammar, spamming and duplicates are allowed. Only reliable and fair writers are welcomed here. If you want to finance guest post write for us then contact us at our mail financewik[email protected].

In order to access our personal finance write for us, you have to follow our guidelines that we have mentioned below-

  1. As a finance writer for us contributors, your articles must be written by you and plagiarism free.
  2. As a finance writer for us contributors your content must be between 800-1000 words limit.
  3. As a personal finance write for us contributor your content only follow the finance segments that we have mentioned below-
    • Insurance
    • Investment, Money Saving
    • Business, Trading
    • Life Insurance, Health Insurance
    • Loan and Credit Cards
    • Government Schemes
    • Market Trends
    • Money Management
    • Mutual Funds, SIP
    • Personal finance
    • Retirement & Pension Plans
    • Stock Market, Forex Trading
    • Tax Planning, Income Tax
    • Travel Insurance
    • Auto Insurance

Guest Posts Requirements : –

  • As we all know that content is king, as a contributor you would need to write unique and high-quality content.
  • Content must be unique and not be shared or published anywhere else before or after the submission, not even on your website, else post will be removed without any prior notice.
  • Content must be between 700-1000 words long.
  • Only one link is allowed in the last paragraph or in Author Bio. Please do not include affiliate links.
  • Send us your articles with images or info-graphics matching to your topic or subtopics.

Before starting finance write for us please ensure that your work should be related to our criteria. You are free to wire on below-mentioned categories:-

  • Business, Finance
  • Insurance
  • Tax Planning, Income Tax
  • Investments & Money savings
  • Loans & Credit cards
  • Banking & Budget

If you need author bio in the post then send us with one anchor text link.

How to Submit : –

Once you write content on the above-mentioned category, you are requested to email us at our official email ID. As soon as we get your write-ups, we will review it and acknowledge whether your article fits our criteria or not on the same mail.

Quality of writers that we have are looking are mentioned below-

  • We are looking for a writer who has a great sense of finance content.
  • We are looking for a writer who knows how to craft the content that seems good in the eyes of the viewers.
  • We are looking for a writer whose content increases our credibility and brand image.
  • We are looking for a writer whose finance concept is clear.

Final say:

So if you are willing to access our finance guests post write for us then feel free to contact us with your first draft on any finance segment that we have mentioned above. We assure you if you become a contributor of Financewikki you will get a vast reach in no less time. Because you are sharing your quality and well-written content on the authorized platform.

Please email us your article at financewikki@gmail.com along with your Name and website link, which you wish to add in your post. You can reach us directly via our contact us page.

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