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Insurance companies have become the important aspect in the lives of people and organizations because they offer the best to way to deal with the unforeseen worst situations such as a risk of accident,  falling ill, fire, the risk of natural disasters, and lastly the risk of life. The whole insurance marketplace all over the world is getting redefined because of technological changes. Like, you don’t have to visit the branch of your insurance company to renew or claim the policy. By accessing the website you can do so.  Bike insurance doesn’t recover your physical damage but takes care of the financial pain. If you are looking for the best two wheeler insurance company, then you have come to the right place.

Best Two Wheeler Insurance Companies

Here, we have listed the top 5 best Two Wheeler Insurance companies. The Following list focuses on a number of factors, and the insurance companies on it are no in particular orders.

  1. Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance

    This is yet another great name in the Insurance sector. Bharti Axa was in the year 2005, with an aim to offer a number of innovative financial plans, it is one of the preferred Best general insurance companies brands in terms of two wheeler insurance. The company through customer care services has become much more customer focused and provide them security and innovative services.
    The Key Features of Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance:

    • This company covers the damage due to fire, accident, stolen, natural and man-made calamities, bike accident can result in injury and death and disabilities cover for the bike owner.
    • If a driver drives a bike without driving license or under the influence of alcohol then insurance would not be claimed.
    • Physical damage of bike is not covered unless it is damaged due to the opponent.
    • Round the clock customer care service available.
  2. HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance

    HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance was founded in the year 2002 since it has been offering innovative insurance products to ensure financial protection in case of an unfortunate event. The group has a presence in more than 58 cities with 109 offices in India.  With so much happing on the road, two wheeler insurance plans certainly help you reduce your economic stress.
    The Key Features of HDFC Ergo Bike Insurance:

    • Two wheeler insurance policy is available both for private and commercial vehicles.
    • Tow wheeler insurance policy protecting businesses from economic loss due to accident or damage to vehicles.
    • All day and night customer care service is available when you find yourself in an unwanted situation.
    • All two wheeler insurance policy plan covers against man-made, and natural disasters.
    • This company offers two products – two-wheeler comprehensive insurance and two-wheeler liability only.
  3. ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance

    ICIC Lombard was founded in 2000, with the aim to provide insurance solutions to the customers based on their needs and requirements. Along with the good brand value and trustable 24X7 customer service the company focuses on financial education and social inclusion.
    The Key Features of ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance:

    • This company provides comprehensive protection against accident, theft, fire, third-party liability, and natural disasters.
    • Round the clock customer care available.
    • Hassle-free insurance purchase and claim process.
    • High service standard.
  4. Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance

    The reliance insurance company was incorporated in the year 2000 in India. Since then, it has been very competitive in the insurance market, and operated in 500 cities and has over 600 insurance offices. It offers numerous range of financial products to both retail and corporate customers.
    The Key Features of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance.

    • This company offers you a discount on buying an insurance policy.
    • Gives you a claim against manmade and natural disasters.
    • 24X7 round the clock customer services available.
    • Hassle free policy buy, renew and claim process.
  5. Iffco Tokio Bike Insurance

    The Company is best known for its reliability and customer oriented approach. Iffco Tokio was originated in the year 2000 since then has contributed a lot in insurance services. Iffco Tokio Two Wheeler Insurance includes coverage for legal liabilities following death, injury or property damage due to the opponent party, arising out of vehicle use.

    The Key Features of Iffco Tokio Bike Insurance:

    • The third party coverage up to 70,000 and personal accident up to 2,00,000.
    • Round the clock customers services available to guide you.
    • A multitude of emergency assistance services can be accessed at a small extra premium rate
    • The IFFCO Tokio Bike insurance payment can be initiated in 4 modes; Cash, Cheque, Net banking, Debit, and Card.

Ending Note: Above mentioned two wheeler insurance companies have reputable names in the Insurance market. So, pick any insurance company from the list and buy a policy plan that suits your requirements.

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