6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My First Business


Starting my business had its challenges. I made mistakes that I do not regret because they were essential learning experiences. However, I wish I had known then what I know now. This is not meant to warn you against making your mistakes because you are sure to make the- just perhaps not these.

However, it is a smart move to look at what successful entrepreneurs wish they knew before starting their businesses, what they realized too late, and what they would avoid now that they have experience.

Things to Know Before Starting a Business

Here are some of the things I wish I was knowledgeable about before starting my business; Knowing the steps in advance will help you in the planning and construction of the business.

Follow Your Passion Not Money

People with passion can change the world. You need to find what you love before venturing into a business. Entrepreneurship is a journey that involves lots of emotions, and if you chase for money rather than passion, you will fail.

Looking at something you have built and feeling a sense of value and pride is priceless. There have been difficult times that I have wanted to quit, and the fire that lights in me and the thinking of the bigger picture of making the business better and better is what keeps me going.

Being passionate about my business was the main eye-opener for my success. Don’t dive into business for money. Instead, start a business that you love, and you are passionate about it.

Invest in Yourself

If you want your business to grow continually, you also need to develop yourself continually. Always keep yourself updated about what is happening around the world and learn about new products, techniques, and markets.

Some of the most successful businesses do not just provide a great product but also answer a need of society. I often try new tactics from other entrepreneurs and listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Generally, you should never stop learning.

The Significance of Cash Flow Management

The lifeblood of your business is its cash flow, and you should not make a mistake about it. When you fail to manage your business cash flow properly, you often misuse the business money on unnecessary expenses. When starting my business, I would sometimes have insufficient funds to pay for the necessary business expenses due to mismanagement of the cashflow.

The best way to manage your cash flow is by making a budget for Business Financing and mitigating all your expenditures so that you know where your money is going.

Networking Is Too Valuable to Avoid

One of the most important things I have learned is that everybody requires help. A majority of successful business people were helped by someone. Reach out to people you know and those that you don’t know who has more experience in your business niche.

Try and do favors and add value to others so that they can add value to you in return. Don’t assume you know it all, ask questions, and be ready to listen to more experienced people in the business.

Find a Perfect Partner

Although it’s optional to get a business partner, I have found it to be essential to my business. A perfect partner complements your weaknesses with their strengths and should have a similar work ethic and future goals as you. However, one of the mistakes I made when starting is having my best friend as my partner.

While it is tempting to hire a family or a friend to reduce costs, there are many reasons why you should not hire your relatives in your business. It’s best to hire someone who you don’t know and where there is mutual respect. A right business partner can make your life easier and more successful.

Engage with Your Customers

No customer wants to do business with a nameless or faceless organization. They need to know that there is a person ready to respond to their inquiries on the other end. Instead of hiding in the office without interacting with clients, you should get out and mingle with them on social media platforms and business events.

This is one of the essential tasks that I learned later in my business that I wish I knew early enough. Engage with potential customers by responding to their comments on your blog posts, emails, and review sites and attend business events. Promoting business online provides you with insights on what the customers need while building the customer’s trust in your business.


These are some things that I wish I knew before starting a business. Now that you know, you can avoid repeating the same mistakes, which will increase its chances of success. Starting a business is not a simple foot, but it can be made easier by understanding each step that you have to take.

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