The Equipment You Need to Start an Auto Shop


Want to start an auto shop that services people’s cars? To do so, you need to get the best possible equipment. And since there are several auto shop equipment financing companies in the market, you don’t have to worry about investing too much upfront. Below is the list of the important equipment you need to have in your auto shop.

Air Compressor:

This is a must-have for any auto shop. It not only helps you to run pneumatic tools but can also be used to lift some vehicles.  Do not go cheap on the item and get a compressor with the highest possible capacity. This will ensure that you have the power needed to meet the requirements of the shop. If possible, try getting a 60 or even a 120-gallon compressor.

Automotive Stethoscope:

A problem that is seen the most in vehicles brought in for repairs is that of noise. Car owners often claim that they hear noises from an unknown source and are often troubled by it. Using an automotive stethoscope will help you in correctly identifying the source of the noise and resolve the issue soon without wasting any time.

Strut Compressor:

In order to work with suspensions, it is necessary that the auto shop be equipped with a strut compressor.  They are often used when replacing struts. Though it is not necessary that your shop has a strut compressor, having the item will definitely increase the scope of services offered by your shop and make your business very profitable.


Many auto repair tasks will require the car to be raised temporarily. To do so, a strong floor jack is necessary. Make sure that the jacks you buy for the auto shop has a high capacity and is of high quality. Only then can the item have the necessary strength to support the vehicle when it is elevated. In order to support the axles or some other components of the raised vehicle, you will need pole jacks.

Oil Drain:

One of the most common tasks of auto shops is changing the car’s oil and remission fluids. To do so, you will require an oil lift drain which is capable of catching and storing the oil and other liquids that flow from the lifted vehicles. To work on vehicles that are on lifts, a standing oil caddy is required.

Air Conditioning Machine:

Some auto repair shops do not offer any air conditioning service. However, if you plan on providing such a service, you need to procure an AC machine that will enable recovery, recycle, and recharge of the air conditioning system. This will help to diagnose AC systems in a short period of time while also making it much more reliable.

Impact Wrench:

To remove the wheels of a car swiftly with ease, an impact wrench is a must. The tool will save a lot of time that it easily warrants an investment. The saved time can be used on other car repair tasks, thereby finishing off jobs quickly.

Battery Charger:

Many of the tasks related to auto repair will deal with dead batteries and charging issues. If you do not have a good battery charger and jumper to solve the problem, your shop will soon lose face. Ideally, get a battery charger with 1700-amp peak power since it will have the necessary capacity to handle even the most difficult of charging tasks. Make sure it comes in a heavy-duty case to be on the safer side.

Brake Lathe:

When faced with problems related to a car’s brakes, some auto shops tend to take the drums or rotors to another service. However, this is not an ideal practice since it is an expensive process and will eat into your profits. It is highly recommended that you buy your own brake lathe in order to make your service more comprehensive and profitable. If the brake lathe you want is expensive, look into auto shop equipment financing options.

Engine Hoist:

In order to perform serious work that involves the removal of the engine for any repairs, you will need to buy an engine hoist. Ensure that you only buy the one with the largest capacity so as to handle the biggest engines. Look for an engine hoist with a picking range of floor to 102 inches, which should be sufficient for most engine repair tasks.

Transmission Jack:

When doing transmission work, being able to support a heavy transmission makes the job more efficient and easier. This is where transmission jacks come in. These jacks are available in different handling capacities. Buy a machine that is capable of dealing with a wide range of transmission makes and weights.

Vehicle Lifts:

Mechanics often need to get below the car in order to perform certain diagnostics. As such, your shop will need vehicle lifts so as to raise the car to the desired height. When buying these lifts, you need to take into account their safety features, the accessories that come with it, whether it is a 2-post vs 4-post construction, and power requirements. To make sure that you will get genuine parts and good quality service, remember to buy lifts that are manufactured by reputable brands.  Since vehicle lifts last for several years, the money you invest in them is definitely worthwhile.  However, if funds are a problem, check out whether you are eligible for any auto shop equipment financing.


When working on the components of the car, the worker may have to take them out and inspect them carefully. This is usually done on a workbench. The bench must be sturdy enough to be able to stand up to heavy-duty tasks such as intense hammering.


To work with things like bearings and bushings, you will need a good press. The machine can also be used to bend metal and do similar tasks. Check out the various models online and compare their features before you decide to buy a press.


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