Promoting Your Business Online – 5 Frugal Tips for New SMB-Owners


Business beginnings are usually loaded with stress and concern. Most small business owners have never run a separate venture before. A new business owner might not be able to find enough money for all the expenses he or she will have.

Best Tips for Small Business Owners

That’s why it’s imperative for every new entrepreneur to apply as many free strategies as possible in promoting their business on the Web.

  1. Create Practical Website

    A lot of content has been written about the functionality and usability of business websites. When you delve into this matter, you can see that it all comes to the three following features:

    • Simplicity: Your website needs to be as simple as possible. Keep your homepage just informative enough to grasp your visitors’ attention. Place the links to the most relevant data for customers – pricing, services, benefits – on the home page. Avoid complicated sentences and too many visual details.
    • Smooth Navigation:  Business owners who provide more complex services might need to add more details to their website. Still, it’s important to turn the homepage into a shop window. The visitors will have to enter the shop to see more. Smooth navigation is something that will enable them to do that. Make sure that they can visit every single section from other sections on the website. Add the homepage button and social media buttons to every page, as well.
    • Frugality. Everything you do on your website has to be as economical as possible. Using a website builder to create a one-page website is something many SMB-owners do. If you need more features, you can get them via website builders, as well. Wasting thousands of dollars on an SMB-website is pointless at your entrepreneurial beginning.
  2. Deliver Relevant Blog Posts

    Sharing knowledge is one of the most efficient business-promotion strategies.

    In line with that, SMB-owners who want to generate more leads need to deliver niche-relevant blog posts. You need to cover the current affairs in your field and digest them for your readers. When visitors read an informative article on your blog, they’ll come back for more. The more times they return to your business website, the more probably they are to buy something from you.

    Business owners can add some practical tips and tutorials to their blog section, as well. For instance, a local electric store can put together some practical DIY-actions and publish a guide for every family guy.

    That’s a great way to promote your business without investing anything but your knowledge and some time

    On the other hand, posting a dull and repetitive theoretical article is a waste of time and energy.

    Frugal Tips for New SMB Owners

  3. Put your Business on the Map

    Putting your business on the map doesn’t only mean becoming a well-known brand. Nowadays, it literally means to become a business name on Google Maps. When Internet users search the Web, Google Maps is one of the first options with various results. Adding your business to this map will increase your chances of generating more indirect online leads.

    Closely related to that, fill out the Google My Business form and make your business publicly available via this search engine. That way, Internet users will be able to contact you via your phone and email address or to visit your website.

    To top it all off, all these features don’t cost a cent.

  4. Upload your Original Visuals

    Dozens of great stock photo websites have developed in the last few years. This means that there’s a huge demand for stock photos on the Web.

    Even though these generic pictures can meet your requirements, they won’t send a unique branding message about your business. Apart from that, only some of these images can be used for free. And it’s highly likely that numerous websites use these free photos.

    Even stock images that you pay for might also be used by other websites.

    That’s why the most economical option is to use your original videos on your website. You can shoot some wonderful business photos using your phone. What’s more, you can prove your business expertise posting photos and videos representing you and your crew performing business tasks.

  5. Use Free Online Channels

    Some business owners decide to pay for online business promotion. If you have a big budget, feel free to follow suit. If you’re on a shoestring budget, then it’s more efficient to use some free online media.

    For starters, launching a Facebook business page is a great move. You can adjust many different features related to target audiences and types of products you’re offering.

    An Instagram profile is another handy option for business users. This social network is constantly growing. Now it can be used for targeting audiences of different generations.

    As suggested by the team for full-stack web applications design and development in Houston, you could launch a business app, as well. This would enable you to target mobile users more directly.

    Running a business doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. But if your budget is low, your creativity and engagement must be high. So, you can launch a website for free, create useful blog posts, and add your business to the Google biz registry. Also, by making your authentic visuals and using free online channels, you’ll spread the word about your small business without spending a fortune.

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.


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